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Product Management/Design

Each opportunity was different and an opportunity to work with some excellent stakeholders, fellow product professionals and engineering resources.  My involvement in each product was varied but always happy to talk about my experiences.


Ameritas Accounts

This was Ameritas' product re-imagining of their legacy Summary of Accounts application.  Designed to the single destination for customers to find information about their products and services.


Individual Shopping Cart

This project started as an initiative to replace a legacy system that was showing its age.  I was fortunate to work with a wonderful group of developers to deliver this iteration on time and on budget.

Ocuvera - Fall System

Today’s hospital technology responds to an event that has already happened.  Thousands of hours of video drives the Ocuvera AI, teaching it to predict when a patient will attempt to move while unattended. Ocuvera predicts unattended bed exits with over 96% accuracy. 

Virtual Practice Room

Practice time and access to coaching is limited but the need for repetition isn't.  This was a product idea born out of innovation and a partnership with Don't Panic Labs and Husker Athletics.  It allowed players to interactively practice while getting virtual feedback necessary without the need for a coach.

LOOP Platform

LOOP, a secure digital communication platform, lets specialists and restorative practices collaborate through an online window marking every step along a patient’s treatment journey, ultimately elevating the team approach and your patient’s experience.

Energy Saving Trees

Community Canopy is a program that combines trees with an interactive web experience to help homeowners & communities save energy and money by strategically planting trees to maximize their environmental benefits.

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